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Petit Lenormand Course - Deh Jazzini

The course of the Petit Lenormand deck, has the approach to your personal development through the thirty-six cards, subdivided into four elements and the astrological part of the signs and planets. We will study the letters from a playful perspective and from our daily life, realizing how much they are inserted and are already part of our lives.


Personal development through the Petit Lenormand deck is still not much explored, although the number of decks and oracles with the name Lenormand over the years has multiplied every semester, each author gives his interpretation, guidelines and some even add new ones. cards to the deck, giving its readers and learners tools in a particular and differentiated way.


The exercises proposed throughout the course will make us stop and look inside, a daily nano therapy, to put our personal observations on paper. We all say that we don't have time for ourselves and we are pushing many issues under the rug daily, so for you who chose to be part of this journey, I'm already congratulating you, because if you study and take the time for yourself, it means to go beyond.


This study has been empirically tested and analyzed over the last three decades through face-to-face and online consultations and my students, resulting in a way for all these results to be compiled in a book scheduled for release in 2023.


StartOctober 4th, 2022

Finishing:November 29, 2022.

Time:From 8 pm to 9:30 pm – Classes will be recorded and made available for a period of 1 year.

Courseware: Petit Lenormand Deck and Notebook for Notes.

Investment: on request.

Registration for the Petit Lenormand Course

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