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  From 03/21 to 04/20

First Decan: 3/21 to 3/30

Second Decan: 3/31 to 4/9

Third Decan: 4/10 to 4/20

Ruler: Planet Mars – Co-Ruler: Pluto


In a year ruled by Saturn, the Aries will have:

Determination and Expansion

Aries, ruler of the first house, symbolizes how you present yourself to the world. It is the expression of your identity and spontaneity. Your vital energy and appearance are the first impressions you leave wherever you go.

According to Sumerian Astrology, Aries resonates with the Heart Chakra (self-love and compassion) and Ananda Khanda (joy and intuition).

In the Setenial cycle, Aries mirrors the childhood phase (0 to 7 years), marked by discoveries, learning, and the blossoming of individuality.

For those born in the first Decan of Aries (March 20-21 to March 30) - Ruled by Mars

You, of the first decan, have the energy of Mars by your side! An year is expected where your determination will open new paths. It's that moment of "I was born ready and I'm going to conquer the world" that only an Arian understands.

For those born in the Second Decan of Aries (March 31 to April 9) - Sun's Influence

For those in the second decan, the Sun adds an extra dose of charisma. It's your time to shine, illuminating everything around you with a presence worthy of a king or queen of the jungle. Leadership and confidence will be your greatest assets.

For those born in the Third Decan of Aries (April 10 to April 19-20) – Ruled by Jupiter

For those born in the third decan, Jupiter promises expansion and wisdom. Your thirst for adventures and discoveries will be insatiable. Picture yourself exploring unknown territories, always with an optimistic look towards the future.

Looking at specific areas, we have for all decans:

Finances: 2024 will be a year of prosperity. Imagine a tide of financial opportunities reaching your shore. Ride the waves, but with intelligence and planning.

Love: In the emotional universe, it's time to organize the house of the heart. Some loves stay, others go, but always in pursuit of the perfect balance.

Health: Regarding health, the focus is on balancing physical activity and rest. No excess, but also don't settle on the couch.

Career: In the career, expect growth and challenges from April onward. It's like riding a professional roller coaster, with exciting ups and downs.

Travel: In terms of travel, be prepared for surprises and adjustments to plans. But for an Arian, this only adds more excitement to the journey.

And we can say that...

Dear Arian, your 2024 is an invitation for you to shine, expand, and conquer. Be as fluid as water, but with the strength of a volcano. Remember to laugh and enjoy every moment, as the Universe is cheering for you!

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