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Lord Tarchitmache

Oracle of the Guardian of the Multiples
Paths and Dimensions

Welcome to the World of

Mr. Locks Streets of Seven Crossroads

Immerse yourself in the messages of the extraordinary and powerful Lord Tarchitmache, also known as the revered Mr. Tranca Ruas. This oracle provides a unique inner journey, inviting you to explore everything from the most banal questions to the most complex challenges. The messages contained here not only bring wisdom and protection, but also reveal the possibility of new paths, unveiled and suggested by this mythical entity.
Senhor Tarchitmarche - Deborah Jazzini
Oracle Book Lord Tarchitmarche
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Authentic and Powerful Messages
Discover the authentic and powerful messages channeled by Deborah Jazzini, bringing the voice and essence of Lord Tarchitmache directly to you.

Oracle Lord Tarchitmarche - DeborahJazzini

What can you expect from this Oracle?


Reflections to Overcome Challenges
Lord Tarchitmache offers valuable insights to help you face seemingly impossible challenges, encouraging the discovery of your inner strength.

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Transformative Tasks and Questions

In addition to answers, prepare for tasks and questions that will challenge your personal journey of growth. This oracle involves you in deep questioning about what you are doing to access other paths and change your frequency, allowing responses from other dimensions that are aligned with your true essence.


If you are here, it is because you seek guidance, protection and the ability to overcome obstacles on your journey. Mr. Tranca Ruas is more than the guardian of the crossroads; he is the guide that leads those who seek not only prosperity, but the integrity of acting according to their instincts and intuitions.

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Magical Sigil and Inner Prayer

I invoke the fire that burns the veil of the unknown, opening my paths, revealing what is hidden. May my being awaken, immersed in wisdom.

I invoke the water element, to flow intuition and emotion, unveiling secrets, bringing clarity to vision. May my spirit rise, in the current of understanding.
"I invoke the element of Air, the mind clears and elevates, revealing secrets that my consciousness 
Be awake and in communion.

"I call upon the Earth, for stability and firmness I find. Paths open, in the land where I belong. May my steps be firm, on the path of achievement,

Through the four elements, I find my true calling." - Repeat 3 times

This prayer is suggested by Lord Tarchitmache to be done for 7 consecutive days, with a purpose directed towards significant revelations that can open your paths. And don't measure time, because yours is different from his.


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Meet Plumber Deborah Jazzini

Mr Tarchitmache chose Deborah Jazzini as his channeler, consolidating a partnership that spans more than three decades. With a remarkable journey as a Tarot Reader, Astrologer, Teacher, Therapist, Speaker and Author of other books, Deborah plays an essential role in bringing Lord Tarchitmache's authentic and powerful messages to this oracle.
Your unique connection to the spiritual plane, developed over years of practice and experience, allows messages to flow with authenticity and clarity. This deep connection provides an enriching experience for readers, bringing not just words, but an energy that resonates with the true essence of Lord Tarchitmache.


About the plumber of the Image of Senhor Tarchitmache, the artist Cláudio Gianfardoni.

Visual artist trained in Architecture, who at a certain point in his career came into contact with Higher Energies and Beings of Light. He thus began channeling, that is, painting Beings of Light and Mandalas for Meditation, such as Masters, Angels, Archangels and Personal Mentors, whose purpose is to offer the opportunity to open doors for people to get in touch with their own vibrational patterns, facilitating connection with their mentors. 
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