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 Deh Jazzini

I conquered my position as one of the biggest names in the National Tarot, working for 4 decades as a tarologist, astrologer, therapist, teacher and writer,

with much dedication and love.

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a little bit of my story

With the awakening in his adolescence to the arts of divination, since then he has developed different methodologies, using tools such as Astrology, Tarot, Petit Lenormand Deck, the Italian Sibyl and the Spanish deck.

It provides services in the following countries: Portugal, France, Italy and Spain.

Operating in the holistic market for over 40 years. Therapist registered with the Council of Holistic Therapists under number CRT-52026.

He teaches Tarot, Astrology and Petit Lenormand courses in several European countries since 2011.  In 2019,  taught the course on the Petit Lenormand deck, at Fundação Portuguesa das Comunicações, in Lisbon and was a speaker at the International Tarot Summit, at the Casa de Tarot de Lisboa.

She worked for 27 years at the Pax Universal Fraternity, participating in several Metaphysics Conferences and national and international initiatory trips, as a facilitator.  She acted as presenter of the program Por Você, on TV Pax online, for 8 years - a program that dealt with various subjects in the esoteric scope.

He worked at Centro Renascimento, under the direction of Maura de Albanesi, for 10 years, coordinating the course of Petit Lenormand.

He participated as a speaker at the Tarot Masters in São Paulo and at the  IV Tarosophy UK Tarot Conference in Keswick, England.  Lecture since 2009 in several Mystic Fair in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.  As a writer, she launched Pulo do Gato (2013) and Na Rota do Tarot (2016).

His methodology "Diagnosis and Healing" with the Minor Arcana of the Tarot was approved as a scientific work and presented at the III Symposium on Quantum Healing, in September 2013, at Anhembi, in São Paulo. 

He has several trainings, including Astrology, Aurasoma, Reiki, Bach Flower Remedies, Minas, Saint Germain, Reconnective Healing, Access Bars and Aromatherapy. Currently studying Alchemy.

Deborah Jazzini also has a degree in Social Communication with a specialization in Radio and TV, from FAAP – Fundação Armando Álvares Penteado.

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