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Welcome to the fascinating journey of discovery of Lecton, a remarkable healing, self-healing and revitalization tool with the potential to significantly transform your life. Lecton goes beyond just being a device; it represents the synthesis of meticulous research and years of in-depth study in the fields of energy, health and well-being.

Lecton Therapy


• It acts by radiating a field generated by hydrogen molecules to reactivate and stimulate the proper functioning of weakened cells.

It energizes the body, contributing to the balance of the bodygnic.

• It can be applied directly to the area of the body that needs treatment, and can also be applied to Acupuncture and Do-In points.

• During the energization process, the rod seeks out areas with cellular weaknesses and, through irradiation, assists in proper organic functioning.

• The emanation of energetic rays is safe and free from harmful substances.

Lecton is indicated to help treat various conditions, including:

• Migraine • Bronchitis • Flu • Colds • Allergic rhinitis • Chronic sinusitis • Rheumatism • Bruises • Lower back pain • Poor circulation • Sinusitis • Depression and others

Lecton is an invention that combines ancient wisdom with modern technology to provide a holistic healing method. Its name derives from the Greek "Lecton", which means "small alternative treatment device". This device is like a reservoir of energy, a source of healing that you can hold in your palms.

Lecton is an energizing tool that acts as an accelerator of the body's natural self-healing ability. It contains hydrogen molecules, essential for the production of energy in the human body. By rubbing Lecton between your hands for just a minute, you charge it with your own energy.

 Panacea Dominus 

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