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"Welcome to astrological predictions for 2024!


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Planet and Moon
full moon
solar eclipse

Month by month, we will offer tips aligned to the sign of the period, insights into the collective astrological panorama and detailed analyzes of the phases of the moon, each with its unique characteristics and energies. The guidance we share here is the result of deep intuition, careful studies and dedicated elaboration through Tarot and Astrology. Our desire is for this information to be beacons in the your path, illuminating your journey through the new year, which promises to be a mosaic of challenges and celebrations. Here's a loving invitation: if you are willing to embark on a journey of self-knowledge and transformation, to welcome changes and actively contribute to your personal growth, then you are in the right place. These predictions are a guide to a year filled with awareness and achievement. Allow yourself to be inspired and embrace the opportunities that each new cycle brings."

Let's start...

We will start this year on a Monday, with the moon in the sign of Virgo and already in the transition from full to waning phase. This is the ideal time to start your year by cleaning up, both physically and mentally. 
   As a first activity suggestion, we invite you to exercise what you want to eliminate from your life this month of January, from the simplest tasks to the most complex internal ones, such as overcoming a limiting belief. 
   Take your pencil, sharpen it and start drawing this activity playfully. This way, you will at the same time realize that by putting the question on paper, it loses its strength in your mind and the awareness of the resolution can come lightly.

Mind Map Exercise
Zodiac Chart

Sign Predictions 

Predictions through the Tarot Major Arcana for Each Sign

  Aries               Taurus            Geminins            Cancer  

  Lion                 Virgo                Libra              Scorpion 

 Sagittarius        Capricorn       Aquarium        Pisces 

Zodiac Chart

Retrograde Planets


The planet Mercury returns to its right movement on the 2nd, which provides a refreshment for the start of activities, after the holiday break.

The Planet Uranus returns to direct movement on the 27th. 

And so, we will have sixty-two days without retrogrades, with the challenges returning in April.


No dia 8, celebramos o Dia Internacional da Mulher, honrando as incontáveis conquistas femininas e contemplando os passos necessários rumo à igualdade de gênero.

O dia 20 nos traz o Equinócio e o Ano Novo Astrológico, um tempo de equilíbrio entre luz e sombra. O Outono abraça o Hemisfério Sul com Mabon, enquanto Ostara desperta a Primavera no Hemisfério Norte, prometendo renovação e renascimento.

E no dia 25, o céu nos presenteia com o primeiro Eclipse Lunar Anular do ano, em Libra, pedindo que busquemos o equilíbrio e a harmonia em nossas relações. Ao final do mês, no dia 31, a celebração da Páscoa eleva nosso espírito com sua profunda significância espiritual, transcendendo fronteiras e culturas. É um tempo para renovar a fé e abraçar a promessa de renovação que cada novo dia traz.

Respire fundo — março promete intensidade e emoção. E se deseja navegar neste ano novo astrológico com clareza e propósito, a agenda está aberta para consultas de Tarot e Astrologia. Agende seu horário e dê boas-vindas às transformações que o aguardam.

Um ótimo mês para todos nós!

@dehjazzini - Marque seu horário pelo WhatsApp: +55 11 99208-9604

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Moon phases  

For each phase of the moon you can use a Potion from Panacea Dominus, which is my line of products made in a ritualistic way and according to the tradition of a Guardian Witch who intuits me to make them and all enchanted products. All potions and for each phase of the moon have a conduct and a respective enchantment.

Waning Moon in Libra (Day 4) The Waning Moon in Libra is a period for reflection and harmonization of relationships. It's a good time to let go of what no longer serves you, promoting balance and justice in your life. Panacea Dominus' "Decrescens Tranquilitas" potion helps dispel negative energies, inviting peace and serenity into your home and heart.

New Moon in Capricorn (Day 11)The New Moon in Capricorn marks an ideal time to set goals and build solid foundations for the future. With the "Lumen Novum" potion, you infuse your space with the energy of rebirth and new beginnings, fueling your projects with the robustness and determination of Capricorn.

Waxing Moon in Aries (Day 18) During the Waxing MoonIf you are in Aries, it is time to act and give impetus to the projects you have started. The "Crescens Potentia" potion amplifies your willpower and energy, accelerating growth and achieving your goals with the audacity and courage of Aries.

Full Moon in Leo (25th) The Full Moon in Leo shines on the need for self-expression and fulfillment. "Lumen Plenilunium" illuminates your home with the majesty and brilliance of this sign, celebrating your achievements and radiating protection and clarity, allowing you to claim your place in the sun with confidence and pride.

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