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From 05/21 to 06/20

First Decan: 5/21 to 5/30

Second Decan: from 01/06 to 09/06

Third Decan: 6/10 to 6/20

Ruler: Planet Mercury.


Navigating Transformations and Discoveries in 2024!

Gemini and Astrology's 3rd House Gemini, ruled by Mercury, dominates the 3rd House, which is the heart of communication, vocational courses, short trips, and sibling bonds. This year, your communication style and your ability to absorb culture and knowledge will take center stage.

Sumerian Astrology and Chakras In Sumerian Astrology, Gemini resonates with the Splenic Chakra, which relates to creativity and the ability to adapt to changes.

Setenial Cycle Gemini reflects the period from 14 to 21 years in the Setenial cycle, a phase of exploration, discoveries, and the beginning of the search for adult identity.

Gemini Decanates First Decanate (May 20-21 to May 30) - Ruled by Mercury: For first decan Gemini individuals, Mercury brings mental agility and an insatiable thirst for knowledge. This year will be marked by quick learning and much curiosity.

Second Decanate (June 01 to June 09) - Influenced by Venus and Libra: In the second decanate, Venus softens communication and brings a touch of harmony to relationships. The pursuit of balance and beauty will be a constant in your journey.

Third Decanate (June 10 to June 20) – Ruled by Saturn and Uranus with Aquarius: For those born in the third decanate, the combination of Saturn and Uranus promises a year of innovations and structural changes. It's an invitation to break patterns and explore new horizons.

Predictions for 2024 Professional Development: This year, Gemini, is about growing in your career and reaching new heights. Embrace opportunities for learning and professional expansion.

Love: In love, the challenge will be to find and settle into a relationship. The year favors stable relationships and deepening emotional bonds.

Finances: In the financial area, the keyword is discipline. Set clear financial goals and maintain a steady pace to achieve them.

Health: Health requires special attention to anxiety, nutrition, and sleep quality. Relaxation practices, a balanced diet, and a healthy sleep routine will be essential.

Final Message

Dear Gemini, 2024 is a year to embrace transformations and explore new paths. Be flexible but also focused. Find balance amidst the hustle and bustle, and remember to take good care of yourself. The Universe has many surprises reserved for you!

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