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From 08/23 to 09/22

First Decan: 8/23 to 9/1

Second Decan: 9/2 to 9/11

Third Decan: 9/12 to 9/22

Ruler: Planet Mercury


A Year of Creativity, Confidence, and the Pursuit of Perfection in 2024!

Virgo and Astrology's 6th House Virgo, under the influence of Mercury, rules the 6th House, the domain of service to others, the workplace, and daily life. This year, Virgo, is about nurturing, discipline, and self-improvement.

Sumerian Astrology and Chakras According to Sumerian Astrology, Virgo is aligned with the Solar Plexus Chakra, the center of willpower and self-control.

Setenial Cycle In the Setenial cycle, Virgo reflects the period from 35 to 42 years, a phase of increased responsibility and a quest for refinement and stability.

Virgo Decanates

  • First Decanate (August 22-23 to September 01) - Ruled by Mercury/Earth: For first decan Virgo individuals, Mercury brings a detailed outlook and an analytical mind. This year is about using your intelligence and practical skills to achieve excellence.

  • Second Decanate (September 02 to September 11) - Influenced by Saturn and Capricorn: In the second decanate, Saturn imposes structure and discipline. Prepare for a year of growth through responsibility and hard work.

  • Third Decanate (September 12 to September 21-22) – Influenced by Venus and Taurus: For those born in the third decanate, Venus brings sensitivity to simple pleasures and the value of beautiful things. It's a time to appreciate beauty in routine and details.

Predictions for 2024

  • Emotional: In love, Virgos will seek healthy and lasting relationships. It's a year to strengthen bonds based on trust and mutual respect.

  • Finances: In finances, the focus will be on managing resources efficiently and prudently. It's a good time to plan long-term investments and stabilize your financial situation.

  • Health: Health care, especially regarding diet and exercise routines, will be essential. This is a year to build healthy habits that will endure.

Final Message

Dear Virgo, 2024 is a year to embrace your creativity, trust in your abilities, and pursue perfection in all aspects of life. Remember that beauty also resides in simplicity and the little details. Enjoy this year to grow, refine yourself, and find harmony in everyday life.

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