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From 11/22 to 12/21

First Decan: 12/22 to 12/1

Second Decan: 12/02 to 12/11

Third Decan: 12/12 to 12/21

Ruler: Planet Jupiter – Co-Ruler: Planet Neptune

A Year of Expansion, Confidence, and Adventure in 2024!

Sagittarius and Astrology's 9th House Sagittarius, guided by Jupiter and Neptune, dominates the 9th House, representing long journeys, both physical and spiritual, and the expansion of consciousness. This year promises to be a journey of discoveries and growth.

Sumerian Astrology and Chakras In Sumerian Astrology, Sagittarius is aligned with the Frontal Chakra, the center of intuition and broad vision.

Setenial Cycle Sagittarius reflects the period from 56 to 63 years in the Setenial cycle, a phase of wisdom, exploration, and the expansion of horizons.

Sagittarius Decanates

  • First Decanate (November 22 to December 01) - Ruled by Jupiter: For first decan Sagittarians, Jupiter brings optimism, luck, and a thirst for adventures. This year is about expanding your horizons and seeking new experiences.

  • Second Decanate (December 02 to December 11) - Influenced by Mars and Aries: In the second decanate, Mars's energy brings impetus and courage. Prepare for a year of action and new initiatives.

  • Third Decanate (December 12 to December 21) – Influenced by the Sun and Leo: For those born in the third decanate, the Sun brings vitality, creativity, and a desire to express one's essence. It's a time to shine and show your true self.

Predictions for 2024

  • Emotional: Seek relationships that offer security and stability. This is a year to strengthen lasting bonds.

  • Finances: Creativity will open doors to extra business opportunities, complementing conventional income. Explore new opportunities boldly.

  • Career: Professional growth may require additional courses or training for skills upgrade. Investing in education will be key to advancement.

  • Health: Health will be linked to anxiety management and nutrition. Incorporating a balanced routine will bring the desired quality of life.

Final Message

Dear Sagittarian, 2024 is a year to trust yourself, expand your horizons, and embrace new adventures. Stability comes with confidence in your own decisions. Explore, learn, and grow. This is your year to shine in all aspects of life.

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