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From 01/21 to 02/19

First Decan: 1/21 to 1/30

Second Decan: from 01/31 to 02/09

Third Decan: from 02/10 to 02/19

Ruler: Planet Uranus – Co-Ruler: Saturn

A Year of Innovation, Freedom, and Personal Growth in 2024!

Aquarius and Astrology's 11th House Aquarius, influenced by Uranus and Saturn, rules the 11th House, which represents friends, collectives, social clubs, and virtual identity. This year is about expanding your network and strengthening your personal brand.

Sumerian Astrology and Chakras In Sumerian Astrology, Aquarius is connected to the Frontal Chakra, symbolizing clarity of thought, innovation, and a forward-thinking vision.

Setenial Cycle In the Setenial cycle, Aquarius reflects the period from 70 to 77 years, a phase of accumulated wisdom, expanded vision, and openness to new experiences.

Aquarius Decanates

  • First Decanate (January 21 to January 30) - Influenced by Saturn and Uranus: For first decan Aquarians, the combination of Saturn and Uranus brings the ability to innovate within established structures. This year is about creating significant changes while maintaining a solid foundation.

  • Second Decanate (January 31 to February 09) - Influenced by Mercury and Gemini: In the second decanate, Mercury brings mental agility and a thirst for knowledge. Prepare for a year of rapid learning and effective communication.

  • Third Decanate (February 10 to February 19) – Influenced by Venus and Libra: For those born in the third decanate, Venus softens social relations and encourages the pursuit of harmony and beauty in interactions.

Predictions for 2024

  • Emotional: The year brings a desire for freedom and a leisurely approach to choosing a partner. Value your independence and don't be afraid to explore new emotional territories.

  • Finances: Plan ambitious financial goals, including investments in real estate or other long-term assets. It's a good time to think big and innovatively.

  • Health: Emotions will be heightened. Internal restlessness can be channeled into deep personal resolutions. Relaxation and self-discovery practices will be beneficial.

Final Message

Dear Aquarian, 2024 is a year to assess and plan, embracing the freedom and innovation that define your sign. Cultivate your social relationships, expand your vision, and don't be afraid to be different. This is a year to shine in your authenticity and create the future you desire.

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