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  From 04/21 to 05/20

First Decan: 4/21 to 4/30

Second Decan: 5/1 to 5/10

Third Decan: 5/11 to 5/20

Ruler: Planet Venus


Redefining Limits and Open to Adventures in 2024!

Taurus and Astrology's 2nd House Taurus, ruled by the beauty of Venus, is the master of the 2nd House, which governs self-care and finances. This year, Taurus, is about taking care of yourself and making your money work for you.

Sumerian Astrology and Chakras In the wisdom of Sumerian Astrology, Taurus resonates with the Solar Plexus Chakra, the center of personal strength and self-confidence.

Setenial Cycle In the Setenial cycle, Taurus reflects the phase from 7 to 14 years old, a period of establishing values and developing practical skills.

Taurus Decanates First Decanate (April 20-21 to April 30) - Ruled by Venus: If you belong to the first decanate, this year is about finding beauty and harmony in all areas of life. Venus encourages you to embrace love, art, and natural beauty.

Second Decanate (May 01 to May 10) - Influenced by Mercury and Virgo: For second decan Tauruses, Mercury's energy brings a touch of practicality and attention to detail. Get ready for a year of learning, intellectual growth, and improvements in communication.

Third Decanate (May 11 to May 20) – Ruled by Saturn and Capricorn: In the third decanate, Saturn urges you to redefine your limits. There is a call for structure, discipline, and responsibility, opening doors to more meaningful and lasting adventures.

Predictions for 2024 Finances: For Tauruses, 2024 will be a year to make finances flourish. Use your business acumen and natural ability to manage resources wisely.

Love: In love, it's a period of stability and growth. Solid and trustworthy relationships are the focus, with room for new romances if you are open to them.

Health: In health, care for the body and mind becomes paramount. Self-care practices and well-being will be in high demand.

Career: Professionally, it's a year to build solid foundations. Long-term projects may start bearing fruit.

Travel: In terms of travel, 2024 brings the opportunity to explore new horizons, but always with a well-structured plan.

Final Message Dear Taurus, in 2024, you are invited to redefine limits and open up to new adventures. Be patient and persistent, as typical of your sign, and seize the opportunities that arise. This is a year to cultivate beauty around you and within yourself!

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