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From 02/20 to 03/20

First Decan: 2/20 to 2/29

Second Decan: 3/1 to 3/10

Third Decan: 3/11 to 3/20

Ruler: Planet Neptune – Co-Ruler: Planet Jupiter

A Year of Spiritual Growth and Self-Discovery in 2024!

Pisces and Astrology's 12th House Pisces, ruled by Neptune and co-ruled by Jupiter, is intimately connected to the 12th House, symbolizing transcendence, community service, and mental health. This year is an invitation to explore spirituality and conclude important cycles.

Sumerian Astrology and Chakras In Sumerian Astrology, Pisces connects to the Throat Chakra and Ananda Khanda, emphasizing authentic expression and spiritual joy.

Setenial Cycle Reflecting the period of 77 years and beyond, Pisces in this stage of life focuses on wisdom, reflection, and a deeper understanding of being.

Pisces Decanates

  • First Decanate (February 20 to February 29) - Influenced by Jupiter and Neptune: For first decan Pisceans, the combination of Jupiter and Neptune brings spiritual expansion and grand dreams. This year is about exploring your deepest emotions and seeking meaning.

  • Second Decanate (March 01 to March 10) - Influenced by the Moon and Cancer: In the second decanate, the Moon brings sensitivity, intuition, and a focus on emotional security. It's a time to nurture relationships and take care of oneself.

  • Third Decanate (March 11 to March 20) – Influenced by Mars and Pluto with Scorpio: For those born in the third decanate, the combination of Mars and Pluto promotes transformation and renewal. This is a year to face challenges and renew your energy.

Predictions for 2024

  • Emotional: A year to seek emotional independence and growth opportunities in relationships. Value authentic and meaningful connections.

  • Finances: Responsibility and long-term actions will be essential in finances. It's a period to plan carefully and invest wisely.

  • Career: Self-esteem will be high, bringing confidence and visibility in your career. Seize the opportunity to advance your professional goals.

  • Health: Self-care routines are crucial, but beware of excesses. Balanced nutrition is essential for physical and mental well-being.

Final Message

Dear Piscean, 2024 is a year to embrace opportunities, cultivate emotional independence, and explore new horizons. With responsibility and care, you will find balance and peace, both internally and in your relationships with the world. This is a time to shine in your authenticity and seek a deeper connection with the essence of life.

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